Monday, February 14, 2011

Shall I Let Me Go?

Sometimes I just don’t want to love you anymore….
When I start to believe strongly, 
things happen that are hard to ignore.
It is never your fault, nor will it be mine one day.
But all I can hope is for more courage to stay….
How long can I last?
I try so hard not to answer
For if I may say something
I might regret forever
Too much of a human is what I think I am.
Full of doubts, feeds on sorrow.
I have longed too much for something, too soon
Longed for you, and that has to end soon….

If somehow you finally feel me near,
That’s when I’m actually very far away…
But your light is too bright now
There is no room for my ray…
Go on, embrace the light
Let me stay in my dark….
For here, shall I find my way home;
As you take on your new horizon….