Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Reads: The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks

My Reads: The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks

         The time I realized that I do have this innate zeal for the written, as much as my love for writing, I swore to myself never to box in books written by specific novelists or writers and just focus on the contents, subjects and stories themselves. And I did read without getting to know the minds behind the titles. I praised some books, be disappointed by others and was indifferent to a few for the stories themselves.  I did not want to be awed by some specific names after reading their bests only to be drastically disappointed with their few badly written releases.  But then, I came to meet THE Mr. Sparks in the form of a 2nd hand (God knows how many hands it had passed through) paperback I picked up for Php 20.00, along with other few finds in a garage sale along Colon Street way back 1997 while killing off boring free hours during freshman college.  That book had a printed image of an old colonial house porch overlooking a vast plantation.  I read it overnight and I swore after I finished it that it’s going to haunt me for a long time.  I guiltily wished that someday, it’d be turned into a movie because I thought the love story I just read deserves to be told to a wider audience knowing only a few heaps would choose to read. I did not know back then that that book was the beginning of a man’s feat on a genre not many writers would choose to dwell on.  And yes, the novel was adapted into film many years after (2004) which ultimately became a classic to most women.  The Notebook became my first favorite novel by Nicholas Sparks and ended my thoughts, well just most of the time, that I can’t have favorite authors.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The least that I can do this Lent

I must admit, I am one of those people who, in spite of the many solitary hours everyday, still waits for that set of moments when I get to really reflect.  I have even failed to fill my cravings to write. You know those times when a lot of ideas and thoughts just pop in yet nothing comes out of your mouth. It's the same thing with my writing, I know I wanted to and the my pen's all ready...yet it's tip just wouldn't kiss the paper.  In this case, my fingertips just lose their gliding skills on the keyboard the moment my thoughts begin to dance.

And here comes Holy Week.