Tuesday, August 30, 2011

LOVE knows no age....

credits to the owner

In my own little corner at home, I silently watched thru my new set of eyes, thanks to Executive Optical (and I do hope I can slowly get over how much you’ve cost me...: O), my little brother and his girlfriend chatting to each other in front of the T.V. set with glittery eyes as if I was watching a Disney flick about fairy tales and young loves…. Hazy…! So much for my self-proclaimed theory that my age stopped at 17.  That’s always been my magic number---rather my desperate attempt to eternal youth….*sigh*

No matter how tickled-pink I become at the sight of this blossoming puppy-love, it’s sort of a mockingly sad reality bite that I’m way past THAT bracket! Anyways, I still am a proud sister seeing my brother gentlemanly treat the young girl with respect and honor as he fetched her from school, brought her to our home to meet some members of the family and act their age.  We can not blame nor stop the kids these days if they are exposed earlier to attraction and eventually “falling” into the stages of deeper feelings towards someone because it’s not their choice to be in this generation. But the least that we, as their loved ones, can do is to make them see for themselves that they have all the time in the world to discover thru little steps the wonders of loving…and that it is not in haste that they can see the beauty of everyday.

I myself was pretty exposed to the many faces of love at a very young age but that fact never helped in getting me in a relationship early and experience it first-hand.  My ideals on love have all been based on real stories shared to me and by the wonders of what reading has taught me.  However, no matter how early or late we experience it, it’s the affirmation of that “word” and its genuine significance to each other must be the wind the pushes our choices…choices that make us vow and vows that ‘will’ us to ‘do’.

Sure…nothing is certain…except the PAST. But it is with these pasts we have that we can learn and unlearn.  When we fall in love and own it, whoever we are and how powerful we may be, we wish them to be forever and then we become strong and scared at the same time and it always takes two to make it work through the fears and instability.

My little brother…who I used to just carry around a few years back and whose chubby cheeks I couldn’t stop from kissing…is slowly taking his plunge into a world where it is less than about him.  I can only hope that if he is to have his share of pains, as I had, they will be all worth it.  And when that certain single moment that ultimately spells completeness…he will embrace it and never let it go…that moment when you know and  realize that all your life behind you, no matter how long or short it was, just prepared you for that ‘day’ and the days beyond it.