Sunday, December 4, 2011

Timeless Tales I: The Last Sunset

Writing poems and fiction had always been my first love.  It's been my indirect form of expression before I turned to blogging to scream my mind and heart out.  I had written a few stories and I meant it literally. I scribbled most of them while in a Physics class or in a middle of a "Balancing" exam in Chemistry.  Some stories had been woven in my mind while actually telling them out chapter by chapter to one of my friend, Maribel, in High School, one of my earliest fans.  At some point, I've shared some on Pinoyexchange years back and thanks to some who actually enjoyed them.

Now, I want to share one of my earliest compositions.  It's imperfect in a lot of ways but I'm still very proud of it, anyway.  I'm sharing this under a tag I will call Timeless Tales, from now on.  I hope to read some of yours if you have some to share.

This story is called "The Last Sunset".  

Missing you: Fresh White Musk by Body Fantasies

I am a plain Jane at her finest.  Though there may be times when I would pass by a store and admire pretty things I can invest on, my attention span for anything that spells F-A-S-H-I-O-N and B-E-A-U-T-Y is no longer than that of a 5-year-old to her pre-school teacher.  Yes. I am a walking, talking and writing bore when it comes to that subject.  However, except for books, foods and stuffs for my loved ones, I do spend for some specific things as not-so-extravagant-indulgences.

One of them is my personal favorite fragrance... Body Fantasies' Fresh White Musk.

It used to cost around Php450.  Looking at the bottle, someone would not expect so much of it.  But wait 'til you wear it....

This is how it's supposed to look now

I love the tender, airy, powder-like smell that I can wear on all occasions. I am always complimented and asked of what I'm wearing whenever I spray some on me. A little spray or two can already last up to the next morning.  It lasts really long.  For years, since a cousin introduced it to me in High School, I've never worn another fragrance but this.

I used to always buy them at most twice a month...that was before when they seemed to be everywhere.  It was not until I graduated college when I couldn't find them on the stores I've gone to.  I don't know where to  find them here in Cebu.

By writing it here, I wish other bloggers who'd know where I can find them can tell me because it's been years since I'm depriving myself of such indulgence.

Anyone? Please? I'm down on my knees now....