Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Meet the New "Michael"

     Remember that low-cost baby cologne that I shamelessly promoted 2 years ago? Well, I had some pretty agonizing months recently because I can’t seem to find them anymore. I horridly thought it died in oblivion. I thought, alas, why didn’t I buy heaps while it was still sprouting like unwanted mushrooms in that poor little corner of the grocery store? Yeah, some really good things had to end soon. So much for regrets.

This was how it looked like
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     But, little did I know that this fragrance, once unassumingly dressed in blue plastic bottle, has to get pimped too. Earlier today while shopping for toiletries, just to pay homage to “Michael”, I passed by that little corner in the grocery where my once beloved colognes sat. That was when I bumped into the little guy, but now, in a new outfit <wink>. He now comes in a cuter packaging of 50ml transparent plastic bottle with a blue cover. The transformation is not much. It could pass for a tiny baby oil.  But the very idea that the manufacturer, GV Cosmetics, made an update must have a very good reason for doing so. A sales growth, perhaps?


     Why do I post about this?  Well, I rarely recommend products but when I do, it’s because I truly appreciate them. Michael Cologne is one of them because, as I have said before, some of the best things come in “cheap” packages. It is still the same old powdery-citrusy-musky-sweet scent that is distinctly Michael. This new one costs only Php 27.50, guys. Trust me, this is one of the few stuffs that are worth more than they appear to be.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sad Romance

The day kissed its light goodbye
And so the melancholy begins
Evenings came darker with
Tragic Endings in Prologue
Ice have gone colder
Songs bring in pain

Every flicker of heat
Slowly whimpered to death
All your silhouette and matter
Eclipsed by nameless wreaths
Your once serenades of true love
Now a sonata of a Sad Romance

You were my perfection
The universe dictated
You caused my beginning
And promised me my heaven
Yet I am floating into oblivion
My gravity, come back!

And as this music fades into air
I breathe back a time
A moment when I lived in seconds
The seconds that were infinite
Those seconds I knew of bliss

The You I have before this….