Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Little Wonder in a Plastic Blue Bottle

My Favorite Things
“The little things that renders my world”

Michael Baby Cologne: Little Wonder in a Plastic Blue Bottle

      Sometimes, you just have to believe it when they say “great things can come from small packages”.

      Errr.., I can’t really be sure if I said it right.  It’s been years since I’ve painfully yearned for my favorite scent in the world.  I blogged about it around December last year and unfortunately, I still am wishing for it.  Along my search, I can see them posted on “Sulit” but I never took them seriously. I just want them back on the shop stands, period!  I’m sure that some of you know what I’m referring to but I choose not to mention that perfume here. Not here on this post for this is dedicated to a new-found infatuation with this “low-end, underrated, locally-made” cologne that’s been existing for many years now.

I’m talking about MICHAEL Baby Cologne.

       Does it ring a bell?

       Fortunately for me, I can still remember seeing this brand displayed inside glass counters of small-scale pharmacies while I was very young and I always judged it even then as “Baduy” (sorry for the term) along with the other variants from the same brand, GV Cosmetics.  Again, for many years since High School, I have always been a loyal to Body Fantasies’ Fresh White Musk and swore never to wear anything else.  But sometimes good things have to end…well, sorta…and so the cheating began.

       I jumped from a few scents to another until a close cousin re-introduced this “Heaven-scent” one to me, one casual afternoon.  The next day, I found myself hauling my body towards the biggest shops and department stores only to find them somewhere I expected the least.  One 150ml bottle only costs Php 54.00.  I picked the blue one, sampled on it and took the scent into my brains.  And as they say, the rest is HISTORY.

       Michael Baby Cologne has a significant powdery scent with a lingering twist of lavender-filled meadows.  Once you splash some onto your skin or even just a pat of it, makes it smell even better and it stays on longer throughout the day.  I love smelling my palms every now and then after splashing some after taking my shower.  I will never look at low-end packaging the same way again.

        This is not a paid advertisement and I will not even expect readers to believe me.  I just like the contentment pretty things like it brings at such low expense.  I may not be over yet with my search for my First Love but I am just really happy to have Michael as company for a long time.


  1. I haven't tried this. Is this still sold at Watson's? :)

  2. @Michy: I doubt this will be at a Watson's Store. You can try at some Supermarket, Grocery Stores or at some Pharmacies. Here in Cebu, I buy them at Gaisano Supermarket.