Thursday, April 5, 2012

The least that I can do this Lent

I must admit, I am one of those people who, in spite of the many solitary hours everyday, still waits for that set of moments when I get to really reflect.  I have even failed to fill my cravings to write. You know those times when a lot of ideas and thoughts just pop in yet nothing comes out of your mouth. It's the same thing with my writing, I know I wanted to and the my pen's all ready...yet it's tip just wouldn't kiss the paper.  In this case, my fingertips just lose their gliding skills on the keyboard the moment my thoughts begin to dance.

And here comes Holy Week.

For the past few years, I've spent that week, every year, at home. I can not recall what special things I did to give meaning to the already holy days.  This year, I plan to make it memorable.  I have never been the kind to do BIG things in my life, but I just want to make a difference this year.

And so here comes another list...short-term that is.

Read the Bible, again

Someone very dear stirred this want in me.  He said that the Bible simply holds the answers to any questions we have and he is right. I remember being just a kid then when I seriously decided to read the Bible to the end and to this day, I have always believed that, other than its being the holiest of scriptures, it's the most mystifying piece of literature which tells of many beautiful love stories and the wisest of words.  It's sad that the human in me tends to forget its significance over time. This time, I don't want to fail Him and that someone who made me want to be a better person everyday.

Pick up at least 3 books to read and finish them before the Holidays end

Thanks to the 3-day Sale at National Bookstore for the chance of getting myself the books I promised myself last year...which was almost doomed to be forgotten.  I have bought two titles and picked up something in the shelf to finish before the Holidays end.  I am almost done with the first title and can't wait to get my hands on the next one.  I will be posting my thoughts on the books in the days to come.

I have not gone to any Church visits in my whole life so doing it this year is something I'm very excited about. I don't know which churches I will be paying my respects to and pray in, but I'm sure they'll all be having stories that I can't wait to share to you as well.

For me, it's not just fulfilling a Christian task and not just a way to liberate myself of all the guilts (though that is an immediate feeling you get), but a humble acceptance that I am just a human and just a little part of a bigger existence than myself and those that I keep inside my world.


I do reflect everyday, every quiet hours I get to indulge myself in, to be more specific.  But those are just sparks of moments that I reflect on...immediate plans that I can either make happen or let blow away.  Now, I want to see a bigger picture.  Something that's beyond me and what I thought only matters. I believe I am yet to learn the more important things in life.

Write letters/notes to people who matters

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I love writing letters. That's always been my most comfortable retreat.  Be them short notes or pages of words for someone. I intend to write to at least 8 people as soon as possible and let them feel how great a person they are from mt perspective.  I wish to share a glimpse of those letters here.

Write a letter to myself for me to read 10 years from now

Dear Me

What can ever become of me, ten years from now. I'll still be 4 feet and 10 inches for sure, unless I can afford some Jimmy Choo's (as if I'm born to be friends with stilettos).  Will I be married and with kids? Will I still be writing? What will be my favorite songs by then? How will I react to the thought and wishes I have for myself now? Will I miss this woman typing now?  I can not wait to meet that person in time.


Come Easter Sunday, I wish to cook something special or make my well-loved dessert (I know, sometimes I get to brag). One of my most proudest moments is when my family, who all have discerning palates, gave me their thumbs up from making something worth praising. Now, I wish to give them back the "thank you" they deserve from the appreciation I so greatly value.


I love myself. I love being myself. If I wish to renew, I just want to be my better self. Be a better me as a daughter, sister, friend, employee...a more deserving girlfriend to a great man and above all, a better Christian and human being to everyone.

Oh dear, I have to just get moving now if I want to be halfway fulfilling them before the free days end.  Don't just seize the day but LIVE every moment. Have a meaningful Holy Week everyone!

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  1. 2 of the 3 books you got is something that I also want. Sigh.