Sunday, March 11, 2012

Little Star

Little Star

Little star, where are you tonight? 
Where are you now when the heaven’s at its brightest? 
Hiding behind Mr. Moon, could you be? 
Little star, don’t vanish from me now 
Not on this promised Sunday night. 

You always rose above sheer nights 
You, with the tiniest brilliance 
But could blind the darkness 
That envelops the space 

You are but just a single dot 
Far away in time and space 
Nameless, timeless, owning a piece of the sky 
Where are you now, glow for me tonight 

Little star, come home to your lair 
Up above the infinite blue 
Up there where I can always wish for you 
Somewhere so far so no one can hurt you… 

Little star, my star, the warmth I can never touch 
You belong way up where I can only stare 
Little star, let your radiance beam through 
Let it be this night, let you be mine tonight….