Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Long Lost List....

Every once in a while; you get a sudden urge to make your own list.  A list can be anything.  It could be a girl’s meteoric shopping list that would send her man to hell and back or a seemingly “endless” song list by a bride-to-be who couldn’t settle down with one song for her “walk-down-the-isle” spectacle.  To some, it could be a just today’s list while most would rather have a lifelong one.

What’s in a list, anyway?  Why put it down a paper when you can just do it now?  Sure, you can make it happen!  In a snap, somehow, you’ll get what you want.  But life, as we know it, isn’t as easy as it gets.  Even if it does, at times, we choose not to take the easy route.  Humans as we are, our instincts dictate our tendencies.  But as passionate mammals and being the wingless sparrows that we become, we feed on adventure.  The rush of wanting that something from afar keeps us from ending the now.  And this very thought fueled my long-overdue wish-list.  I surprised myself with this notion.  It would be so “un-me” to have this since I always dreaded planning ahead.  I do dream a lot but dreams for me had always been just figures of the future.

So here, I would lay down my “LIST” for the first time…and probably the last, too.  They are random, sweet, bitter, amusing, quaint and, sometimes, strange.  But they are mine and it can only matter that way.
A Telescope

I wanted to insist on a “Hubble” or for an own observatory but my fingers knew better not to even think of typing them out.  So, okay, I’d be more than pleased to have a simple optical telescope any given day.  It had been an early fervor for me to learn more about space and to look at heavenly bodies as closer as the human race can hope for.

Learn to Swim

More than the obvious reasons on safety, I had been envying everyone who, effortlessly, swims along or against the waves.  Sure, I can be a very good sport just sitting by the sands staring at the sea or be submerged altogether with my peers with the water up ‘til my neck when all the rest had barely wet their knees.  Funny…. Honestly, I just wanted to know how it feels like to be a mermaid just for once in my dear life.  Ok there, I said it!

My Own Dog

I love the idea of having a pet and treat him or her like your best friend.  Not that I have dethroned by Bessy, no one can ever replace her (*winks* at Cristine).  There is just this really soothing sentiment that radiates from a man’s relationship with, in this case, a dog (tearfully remembering HACHIKO).  One day, I will get to own my puppy and raise him into a dog I’ll be so proud of.  It’s the nearest thing to parenthood, I must say.
Learn to Play the Piano

…And I meant a serious one at that.  I regretted not learning by the book at my first touch of keyboard at 9 years old.  My father bought the organ out of a moment’s spur.  But now, as I look back, I knew that it was made to be touched, be played and be created music with.  I look back with throbbing desire for this fine percussion instrument.

Have my own Published Novel

Still just midway towards the climaxes, I seem to never finish the stories I had started.  Hopefully, though, in the not-so-distant future, I can already get my hands on that paperback with my name written just below its title.  If I still can’t beat that chance, maybe a collection of short stories, poems and essays would not be a bad idea, would it?

Vacation for my Mom

It’s no secret to me and my family just how my mother would turn misty-eyed at the thought of her returning to her home province and spend a couple of days with her parents whom she had missed so much.  The place may not be that far but going home ain’t that easy.  But I know I will get to give her that vacation she had longed for in due time.  I’d give anything to see that longing in my Mom no more.

A Front Row Seat at a Barry Manilow Concert

He had created a few of the most romantic and bittersweet melodies that my, sometimes, discriminating ears had ever listened to.  What wouldn’t I trade for just so I could hear him live, serenading me like I’m the only woman in the world and the songs are, all, only for me.  Weekend in New England, Could it be magic?, Somewhere down the road… I know I would always fall over again at the first note.

My First True Love Kiss

A kiss is just a kiss until it is your first in all your adult life.  It will surely be the sweetest and lingering of all kisses that this mortal world will ever witness.

Talk with Nick Carter

I am not kidding!  I know he is not what he used to be.  And even if he stayed at 18 forever, still, the idea of me falling in love with a star is nothing but just another hopeless fan fiction.  Perhaps, they’re right.  He was a star.  I was a fan.  But I knew I was serious when I said I was going to marry him when I was 14 and held on to that ‘til I was 23.  I still have the unsent letters with me and when I get my chance, I will give them all to him in person.  And maybe, they will help him know how special he is despite himself.  And if, listen up, guys; ever falls for me after that, then I’m going to be sorry for him coz I’m not 23 anymore.  I’ve loved someone else way beyond what I had for him.  And there’s no way I’m going to settle for second best.

A Pantry-full of Chocolates

Heaven….  Thinking of it now is just pure heaven for me.  Period!

Fraternal Twins….

…who would look exactly like “BOO” of Monsters Inc and “Russel” of UP.  I don’t care if that’s too much of a demand.  I will bear those kids one day!

To Marry the Man I Love Now

I didn’t mean to marry him now, if that made you a bit confused.  I have someone I love now.  And there’s no shadow of doubt that he is the one I chose to be with for the rest of my waking days.  I will marry him not just because I love him.  If there is a more meaningful reason than love itself, then let it be that reason.

See.  My list isn’t that too complicated, as I had feared it will be.  I only thought of them as I typed.  But I know that the longing for those had been stuck within me for years.  Again, the list signifies that there is that “Right” time for every thing…that special moment when the word fits perfectly with a rhyme.  My list could be longer in a matter of seconds from now…or maybe after a year or two, but the power to change and choose still makes us the better person that we should be.  Never waste the chance to decide for your life, regardless of the possibility of mistakes.


  1. quite a list you got there ... hope you accomplish even half of it