Monday, February 14, 2011

Dreaming of My Secret Garden

So many years ago, I was a little girl with a penchant for mystery and sobriety.  My movie and song choices were definitely not the ones my contemporaries would enjoy…if they ever heard of them.  But as much as I admit that I preferred to be alone, I was still pretty much a ‘normal’ kid.  And I did enjoy some stuffs and thoughts that most young girls my age did.

I loved flowers.  I loved trees and bushes that burst their blooms out.  I loved gardens; big and small ones, grand and simple…no matter what kind; just as long as I can feel that ‘oneness’ with the place.  Growing up in a city, it was a luxury to see beautiful gardens and greens.  Luckily, I have a mom who works magic with just a pot-full of soil that would eventually blossom into a wonder of nature…in small packages.

And then I saw the movie The Secret Garden.
After that, I had this renewed fondness for the floral wonders.  Yes, it may still sound very childish but I want to have my own Secret Garden one day.  It would definitely of a smaller scale but I want to have my favorite flowers inside.  It will surely be an outside chance to accomplish it, considering the climate we have here.  If you would see my long wish list of flowers, you would probably think I’m a fool!

Cherry blossoms

They are my trees with magical blooms and the enduring metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life.  They are my eternal clouds of beauty, so in my garden, I will see a piece of heaven.

Casablanca Lily

Who would say no to my Lilies? Say no to their magnificent blooms and irresistible fragrance? Its name signifies celebration; hence, they are widely used for special occasions.  If I have them in my garden, then everyday is going to be a celebration….


Blooming from about mid-spring to mid-summer, this wonder reminds me of myself sometimes.  It can either bloom in solitary or grow amongst her relative buds.  With its white color, it gives a feeling of purity and sweetness symbolizing a 'secret love'…just perfect for my Secret Garden.


The creamy yellowish clustering sprouts would give out the youthful glow of my garden..  They will be my constant reminder of my special childhood memories.  Those time when I first knew of my own fairytales and actually lived it.

Sashta Daisy

Like my Primroses, my Sashta Daisies will shower innocence to my garden.  It shall encompass any darkness and turn them into clouds of hope in my meadows.


Escorting my daisies and primroses are my lavenders at the foothills.  Their fragrance and mystic shall wash my earthly heaven with serenity I will always yearn for.


Like any stars in the heavens, my stargazers will be luminaries in my garden.  They will pride themselves with their whimsical wings turning my garden into a fantasy haven.


Roses, roses, roses….

Who would not fall for thee?

The red rose whispers of passion,

And the white rose breathes of love;
Oh, the red rose is a falcon,
And the white rose is a dove.

But I send you a cream-white rose bud
With a flush on its petal tips;
For the love that is purest and sweetest
Has a kiss of desire on the lips.


From the proud Stargazers, to the eternal beauty of the roses
No one else come closer to me than my Gerberas
They’re my personal brooches and my happy thoughts waiting for full their blooms.
They’re my rainbow towards tomorrow and my key to yesterdays
Coz they tell of so many secrets on thy garden can say.

So there goes my Secret garden.
I know I am fool to even dream of such grand.

Credits to the Images' Owners

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