Sunday, November 20, 2011

Moonlight Lullaby

I sing to the moon tonight
I sing my heart out to him
Of notes and verses I tell no one
Of secrets I shall keep to my grave

He listens to my songs, endlessly
Like age-old odes as ancient as him
He brings warmth as I look up
Drying up traces of dews along my cheeks

I will sing to him, ‘til melodies become lie
I’ll kiss all the pains to touch him, yet I can not
Soon he will be gone again, to the mountains he will hide
Back where I do not exist, and where he can hear my songs no more

But I sing to the moon tonight
And he will hum to me my lullaby
He will not let me live the day in pain
He will not leave me, not until I close my eyes and dream

He is singing to me now
‘Do not stop, please, stay,’ I whispered
Slowly I feel his warmth blanket me
Forever he will sing to me, he say….


  1. This reminded me of a Spanish song called "Hijo de la Luna" or Song of the Moon.. :) Lovely written poem!

  2. nainggit naman ako dun sa last line ... sweet!

  3. background music while reading this: 1st movement (adagio sostenuto)of beethoven's piano sonata no.14 a.k.a. moonlight sonata;)