Monday, November 7, 2011

Meet Lucky

 Meet LUCKY 

Help me welcome to our humble home this cute lil jumpy black and white ensemble, LUCKY! The excitement has been doubled for me and the rest of the family when I heard that Tatay and sisters will be coming home, at last, from a vacay in Iloilo and Guimaras and that they will be bringing someone else in the ‘pack’. To my delight, they were bringing another cute pup in the house…:D

The poor thing loves to sleep :D...reminds me so much of someone

Lucky hails from an island-baranggay of Unisan in Guimaras making him a true-blue “Karay-a”. He was given by a friend of my Tatay back in his hometown. Being a genuine dog-lover that my lil sister Mary Joy is, I can just imagine how ecstatic she might have become at the thought we’ll be having another pet at home. She spoils them rotten.

What makes me happier is that they named him after my boyfriend’s dog, also named Lucky…a female one, to be exact…and equally charming and deserving of the attention her Big Man gives her generously.
This is my boyfriend's Lucky < A She ;) >

Our Lucky arrived home (Cebu) at around 8:00 am today (November 7, 2011) and he charmed us all at first bark. He was jumping around and would suddenly do this “planking” thing, signaling that a sound sleep on the floor won’t be far behind. He’s really adorable. I just hope that soon, the rest of the pack, Squishy and Napoleon will be welcoming him, too. I know, a little jealousy can not be dismissed. They’ll get over it and will love him, too, in time.

Here are some pictures of our Lucky from island to island. <My sisters love him to bits>
My sister giving him a good beach bath :D


  1. Lucky is so cute! :) It's nice that you live in a area where dogs can walk and play freely. Wish our dogs have a wide space they can walk around in too ^^

  2. dogs = best friends, better than some humans ;)

  3. Aaaw. Both Luckys are too adorable. :)

  4. @everyone: Awwww...thank you so much you guys. Dogs, and pets in general, somehow bring out the better persons in us.