Monday, October 31, 2011

Your Eyes

I’m staring at your eyes
Deeply, longingly, for a hundredth time now
Into those soft gray and rock blue marvel
I found my beach, in its peaceful lair

Your eyes…that glisten against the sea of your skin
They smile as your lips faintly curve at the happy thought
Those lips that I long to part with mine
As I yearn to lay my hands on your soft graying hair

Your eyes, like a pair of prism skies
Your eyes, they’re misty yet clear
They tell of stories, of yesterdays
Of age-old tales that I endlessly seek

They whisper of a lost love
Of pain, healing and forgiveness
Your eyes spell kindness
And filled my heart with some

I long to have those eyes
Stare back at me forever
Long for the love in those
And be all mine

I’m staring at them, now
For a thousand times and a million
I close my eyes, and there they are still
In your eyes, I dream…
In your eyes, I live…


  1. Wow ... you must love him very much.

  2. Thank you...and yes, we all become poets when in love...<3