Saturday, July 30, 2011

Of Musty Smells and Starchy Feel of Books

After a few years of not getting my hands on any hard-bound treasures or paperback marvels, I felt like my innermost me found a way to subtly move my feet towards a familiar, cozy shack of pre-loved books called “BOOKSALE”, right in the middle of trying to get some stuffs for my most-anticipated ‘mango floats’ and some unbudgeted office supplies.  I remember having just passed by the place a few times with a yearning look for a not so distant memory of me, my nook and a few of my cherished books that I would always find time to read again and again.

In between those years, I remember stealing a few moments from my oh-so precious time to write a couple of loud thoughts, daydreams put into words and sitting by for a few minutes scanning through the web for some worthy reads…but I knew I still missed something.  It’s that certain singular completeness I owned, even for just a few minutes, out from the pleasant musty smell of the clumped papers, from ogling through the orchestra of words from page to page and with the uncanny yet perfect way the images in my mind weave themselves into a movie that no one can ever see but me.

Cheesy as it may sound, I felt a tinge of pain behind eyes and felt them lightly dampen as I touched the first book I could reach when I entered the store.  It’s like seeing a long lost friend, you know and remember all the feelings, yet you can’t start to say a word.  Letting go of the rest of the other stuffs in my hands, thanks to my sisters who never got tired of following my to-the-unknown trails, I picked up all the titles that ‘picked’ me.  Forgetting the world for a while, I became one with the books feeling their weight as some of them would lean on me.  I was almost getting into my cliff dive when reality bit me---as I felt my sister poked me to buy this book for her.  I felt blessed to see them start to appreciate the wonders of reading.

I bought seven books…all for around Php400, which was a good deal for me.  I had spent more for less when I didn’t have my own income so many years ago.

These are the titles that I intend to finish by the end of August…hopefully and share my thoughts of with everyone….

Like A Mighty Stream: The March on Washington
By Patrick Henry Bass

An acclaimed journalist and author weaves eyewitness accounts, photos, reporting, and observation into a stirring and memorable mosaic of one of the most defining moments of the Civil Rights Movement.

The Last Canyon
John Vernon

The Last Canyon tells the story of John Wesley Powell’s 1869 voyage of exploration through the Grand Canyon, the last great expedition of discovery in United States history.  John Vernon intertwines two stories that of Powell and his crew, and that of a band of Paiute Indians, known as the Shivwits and Powell’s adventure is a story of triumph, hardship, bravery, and ultimate loss.

The Pilot’s Wife
By Anita Shreve

A Pilot’s wife is taught to be prepared for the “late-night knock at the door” but who can ever be prepared for a life-altering event that can unweave the past and makes you question “How well can we ever really know another person”?

Waiting for Nick & Considering Kate
By Nora Roberts

A two-in-one book on the Stanislaskis SAGA by the ever endearing bestselling author Nora Roberts.  I’m pretty sure my friends would conclude on why I picked the first title.

Now you see her
By Whitney Otto

A story of how a single forty-year-old woman battles through the sad observations of a period when women her age and status feel so alone the most.  I don’t really know why my 20 YO sister poked me to buy this for her---except for the fact that the author’s her namesake

Pieces of the Heart
By Karen White

A moving and poignant story about relationships--parents and children, brothers and sisters, friends set in the North Carolina Mountains…. I just can never get enough of North Carolina settings….

Loves Me, Loves Me Not
Barbara Jean Hicks

An endearing and feel-good, with a little tear here and there, story on painful pasts and second chances. I am actually excited for this one though I aim to not set my expectations too high on anything.

Now, I have more reasons to break away from my home-office-home routine and a way not to cry rivers out of missing someone.  The titles are not too popular, at least not anymore but I am most determined to journey into their pages.  I have started with one and am halfway to finishing it.  It did tug some in me and couldn’t be more excited to see what’s beyond the page I am in now.  Why don’t you grab one from your shelves now? You never know what treasures you may find in there.

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  1. Oh wow ... those are treasures! Galing! I love books. I hate ebooks.

  2. I love Booksale! I make it a point to drop by their branches every time we go malling. Through patience sifting through their stacks, I have found a lot of Star Wars novels, children's books and back issues of sports magazines at bargain prices. I love the feel and smell of paper too. It completes the reading experience and beats any e-book reader.

  3. @Kay: same sentiments here. Although I did have my own share of ebook reading but it just does not feel the same way. Iba pa rin when you're sifting thru the pages and feel the dry pulpy texture of the paper against your fingertips and you can sleep still holding your book...haaaayyyy...:)

    @jedi_randy: I love BOOKSALE!!! I think I was lucky enough to be able to drop by when they had new arrivals on display. They had a lot of promising titles.

    Thanks guys for the comments :)