Sunday, May 8, 2011


Sometimes in life, one can just get so lucky.  In my case, one thing I can always thank for is the fact that half my blood flew from the WEST---Western Visayas, that is.  I had always been proud of my Ilonggo roots.  The perks from being so are countless.  From a recent "historic" event, as far as my clan is concerned, that me and my family attended at Guimbal, Iloilo, I came across another paradise here on Earth.  Although I have to mention that I haven't gone to this place yet, thanks to my dearly beloved job which I have to go rushing back to Cebu to (I am not kidding!), my family and kins were so kind to take a lot of pictures for me to just ogle at and drool over while they shamelessly romance with the beauty over and over again.

I am talking about TAKLONG ISLAND, which is actually a group of islets still forming part of Nueva Valencia, Guimaras, the hometown of my Tatay's clan. Taklong Island or Taklong Island Marine Reserve (TINMAR) is one of the country's marine-protected sites maintained by University of the Philippines - Visayas (UPV).  The reserve boasts of many rock formations, diverse flora and fauna, beautiful white-sand beaches and sandbars---and my family actually got to spend a day on it, without me....(sniff)

Below are some of the images taken by my sibs as they explore the island's beauty.  Looking at them, over and over again, makes me feel better, knowing I have another place to put in my list.  It's indeed worthwhile to be an Earthling, after all!  God is great!

My family and relatives took a motorboat ride (courtesy of my Uncle) from the mainland at Rumagangrang to Talkong Island.

That's my Tatay enjoying a ride on the raft he made

My lil sister and cousin enjoying their vantage point of the beach

Lil Mutyas?

Kins loving the sun and the sea

City girls just can't get enough, eh....

One of the lovely rock formations

My Nanay and sisters dipping in

Sister getting on her "natural" salva vida

She used to hate being under the sun so much...but not here...:)

Soon enough, I know I will find myself in Taklong.  But, before that...I'd be enjoying one of my favorite places in the world...Rumagangrang Beach...but that's another story to tell...and another set of pictures so show.  So guys, get your backpacks and explore the country! We have a lot of hidden treasures just waiting discovery!


  1. ganda, pinas is really blessed with good beaches. and woot, ill be in guimaras this october! Ü

  2. wow ang ganda! mukhang peaceful pa ang place.

  3. Sarap tumalon sa tubig at maligo! Life is good, indeed!

  4. Thanks guys for droppin' by!

    @Chyng That's great to hear! Hope you'll have a blast. You surely will, though!

  5. Awesome! Pass me a slice of paradise pleassseee :)

  6. @Pinay Travel Junkie: Anytime! Have you been there too?