Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I close my eyes....

I close my eyes, and there you are again
In the moonlit darkness, simply a sight to behold
Another night has fallen, once again you are so far away
In the shadows so dark, quietly I hear myself pray

I close my eyes, and there is your sweetest smile
You love a certain way and make all worthwhile
Another night descended, again the tears I must fight
All alone once more, struggling to survive the night

I close my eyes, and your voice echoes in my head
With a heart so heavy, I listen to every word you have said
Another night closes in, a deafening silence is all I hear
In this dreamland so barren, wishing I could bring you near

I close my eyes, again, it's your touch I long to feel
Too long it has been, too good to be real
Another night I must face, desperately...painfully
I am here without you, what worse shall I be in

And then I heard my heart speak, spoke of nothing but of love and love for you
It was once cruelly shattered, and you carefully made it whole again
Another night, now a memory, once again a new day awaits....

I close my eyes and I breathe love in...'til I wake up to the promised day.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! This is nice ... it will be a long time before I make something like this again. I'm closing my heart.