Friday, December 10, 2010


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      This is ethereal. To blog for the very first time in an era when people start to wonder how it feels to hold a pen, seems strange for me. I could recall my first few attempts on blogging years back and as I try to take on my first few keyboard taps, oddly, words became aliens in just a snap. So, for years I just stayed inside my fence scribbling on old notebooks and just go as far as the sidewalks writing my mind away hoping to warm up the north pole and reach the farthest of the unknown. It's only just recently that I realized I was not writing to anyone at all. After all the shots at connecting to anyone from anywhere, oblivious to my own intent, I realized I was only talking to the strangest of all strangers, MYSELF.

      You love it when the mirror lets you see exactly what you want to see. And by knowing that, you can only look away when it says otherwise. You can be your own worst enemy and your own harshest skeptic. Unless you listen even to its faintest of whispers, you will only go so far in knowing who you really are. With writing, I found myself, again and again. Find yourself. Talk to each other in a language that you both speak. Sing to her of sonatas she can chant with. Swim with him across the depths and colds of the Atlantic and back. Play Backgammons with her on rainy days. Wrestle with each other until you both win. Yes, you both have to win, no matter the improbability. And when so, you never have to worry a second in your life. The oneness of you spans a lifetime. You want happiness? Seek your passion. Find yourself. Follow no route. For Happiness is not a Destination. It is a Journey. Your Journey.


  1. I am happy you found yourself back Elm. Hope to read more blogs from you.

  2. Thanks my friend :)....

    You guys, you know who you are, had helped me a lot through the years.